Thursday, 6 June 2013

Candelabra or Floral centerpieces?

I just got into an argument with my friends and decided to throw it open to you guys. Which would you rather have at your wedding? A calendabra centerpiece or the good ol' floral centerpiece? Check out some some swoon worthy photos to help you choose right :-)

This beautiful floral centerpiece is from the Amber Ridinger and Duane McLaughlin wedding
Another beautiful centerpiece
Did you notice the 'apples' in the flower vase? Great idea.


Below is a gorgeous Calendabra with a capital "G"



The effect of flickering candle and chandeliers in a well decorated venue is to die for



What about the combination of flickering candle lights and flowers? Totally Adorbs!


Decor by Oaken Events

Which is your favorite centerpiece?



  1. Damn it's so hard to choose. They are all beautiful

  2. They are all beautiful, but candelabras for me...instant drama! Without having to source different flowers, seasonal flowers, etc when thinking about floral arrangements

  3. I agree and they are also cheaper especially if you are renting

  4. I love floral crowns and got simple ivory silk ones for my flower girls. That photo is gorgeous! I really enjoy your blog and appreciative the classic bride! wedding florists melbourne

  5. Those are all gorgeous arrangements. We work in wedding planning, and one of the vendors we order from often is You can see their candelabras here.


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