Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Anniversary Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Who would believe it's been 3 years since Khloe and Lamar jumped the broom? The two wed on September 27, 2009. Khloe happens to be my favourite Kardashian btw. Happy Anniversary to them.

Her sister, Kim Kardashian took to twitter to wish the couple a Happy Anniversary

Happy 3 year Anniversary @KhloeKardashian & @RealLamarOdom! I love you guys!!!   she tweeted

Congrats to the couple..

Teju Babyface adds "Honeymoon Consultant" to his professional repertoire

The MC, Comedian and host of popular TV show, The Teju Babyface Show, who got married last month just added 'honeymoon consultant' to his various professional descriptions.

He shared this via his facebook page:

Hallos my good people! So it was the very 1st wedding I'd be EmCeeing yesterday as a married (I kinda like to use the word "Responsible") man and guess what? It dawned on me that I'm actually now qualified to give advice to newly weds about marriage cos I've been there. Oh Yes I have! If nothing at least I can coach them on honeymoon tins. Therefore, I have added another feather to my cap of careers. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Teju Jacobs-Oyelakin aka Teju Babyface, TV Talk show host, Media Entrepreneur, MC, Comedian,.....and now Honeymoon Consultant!! Chei! Marriage is good ooooo. How una dey jare?

So contact him should you need some honeymoon advice *wink*

Side Note: Teju is obviously enjoying life as a married man

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dealing with common bridesmaids problems

Like the cast of Bridesmaids, plenty of wedding parties consist of ladies with different personalities, looks, and ages

I've seen quite a number of brides getting all 'wrinkled up' when dealing with their bridesmaids. Putting your bridal party together takes as much toll on you as planning the wedding itself. From the bridesmaids not living to your expectations to the grumpy and sensitive single bridesmaid, you have to be careful when dealing with your bridesmaids else you could get frustrated.

Hopefully you picked your bridesmaids because they are special and you want to share your special day with them, and they with you but the truth is that no matter how special they are,your bridesmaids are human beings with their own different ideas and personalities. This will most likely annoy you during the planning process. Here are a few pointers when you’re faced with a few common bridesmaid issues:

1. Someone asks to be in the wedding party

You have carefully chosen the girls that will be your bridesmaids and someone e.g. your mother-in-law tries to force a maid on you or a family member just assumes she is part of your bridal party. Be firm and gently say 'NO' It really is your day and you should be surrounding yourself with the maids that YOU choose, not the ones chosen for you.

2. You can't get a hold of a bridesmaid

So you have included your childhood friend to your bridal party. You've been friends since you were 6, went to different schools, stay in different states but throughout your childhood you both have talked about being each other's maid of honour. You gave her a call and informed her that you are getting married and she is your maid of honour and she screamed excitedly. After then you have not been able to reach her and this is totally stressing you out. Try all avenues of reaching her and if it all fails carry on with your plans- if she shows up on the wedding day fine if she doesn't fine. Decide to enjoy your wedding no matter what. There is no rule that says you must have the same number of grooms as bridesmaids. In the alternative have a back up maid of honour or bridesmaid.

3. There are complaints about expenses

Be reasonable and considerate. The dress would most likely be worn for only a few hours so it really doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Work together with your bridal party to choose a dress style within a reasonable budget. If the dress is expensive you could meet them halfway e.g you could give them shoes and accessories free or if there's enough money to take care of the bridesmaids expenses then by all means do so.

4. Someone doesn't like the dress

Explain to your bridesmaids the look you want for your wedding. Work together with them to choose a style everyone is comfortable with. Nothing worse than having grumpy and uncomfortable looking bridesmaids at your wedding. If a bridesmaid is uncomfortable it will reflect in your wedding photos.

5. They are not helpful

I've been on bridesmaiding duties at some weddings I had no business being in. Looking back now I can't even remember being helpful in anyway- prior, during and post wedding. All I did was be present at the ceremony and immediately the vows were exchanged I was off. Many brides do this and end up regretting it. A bridesmaid should be a good friend who can render help when necessary and be a part of your wedding not disconnected from it. Take care that you are not expecting too much because it really is your wedding and not theirs. If you need major help, don't expect your bridesmaid that bakes to make you a free wedding cake or one that does makeup to do a free wedding makeup for you. Get professionals to handle this. Also be specific as to what you expect your bridesmaids to help you with, be it a bachelorette party, helping with invitations, getting wedding favours etc

6. They don't seem as excited as I am

That's probably because they aren't. Nobody is. This does not mean that they are not happy for you but their lives do not have to be put on hold just because you are planning your wedding. Ditch those unreasonable expectations. Be particularly careful about the 'serial bridesmaid' who has been bridesmaids to many brides and has no ring on her finger yet. Weddings are usually a very sensitive time for single women.

7. You get a little jealous

One of your bridesmaids is trying so hard to outshine you. She complains about the dress style, if it will flatter her figure, about getting a professional makeup artist for herself, she wants perfect skin at your wedding and so hasn't missed a beauty appointment in the last 2 months. Its normal to start feeling stirrings of jealousy especially if it's a friend that normally is gorgeous. Fret not! There has never been a time in history that a bridesmaid is known to have outshone the bride. There is just something about the white dress and the wedding glow that no bridesmaid no matter how dressed to the nines she is, can beat.

8. Someone drops out

 If your bridesmaid drops out of the wedding what do you do? You should be more concerned as to why than about how your photos will look with her missing. It probably could be an issue with money, in which case you can decide to pick the tab. What if she can't afford a flight ticket or afford to throw you a party? if it's clear that she cant be there do not replace her, sacrificing your friendship because of this isn't worth it. Send her a message saying you hope she can still make it as a guest. No one will notice the uneven sides in the photo

9. Last-ditch effort

When something really bad happens or you anticipate something terrible happening you have no choice but to ask the bridesmaid in question to step down. A good friend will respect your decisions.This is never an easy decision to make.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wedding Idea: Dessert Bar

A dessert bar at your wedding has to be one of the best wedding decisions you can make.

Many times when desserts are being passed around in a plate it is left untouched. This could be frustrating to the couple who may have spent a fortune to provide desserts at the wedding. An alternative to this is to have a Desserts Bar at your wedding reception

A Desserts bar keeps the guests spoilt for choice. They get to choose from an array of desserts displayed at the bar. For example a guest may not like sweets while another does. Some may like cakes and chocolates while others may prefer apple or cherries. Some guests usually desire a break between meals. Some just want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Some guests may be under some form of medical restriction. With the wonderful selection available at the desserts table, every guest no matter their preference can indulge. A dessert bar should normally contain both healthy and not so healthy options.

It also solves both the problem of waste and choice. It is a great choice for a wedding reception party whether large or small and you cannot begin to imagine how a dessert bar can add lovely decor to your venue. What's not to like?

Incorporate the colours of your wedding into the desserts bar and watch your guests go 'wow!' at how festive your reception looks.

To have our desserts bar at your wedding please contact us at

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Life in the single lane: My Best Friend Forever

Remember Archie, Betty and Veronica... LMAO!
If you don't  then you missed out on a lot while growing up

Claire was at the door as I flung it open. We had arranged to go to Balogun market to see Claire’s customer. She had been raving about the bargain she stumbled upon at balogun and we had fixed a shopping date for today which I had completely forgotten.

"Babes are you ready?" she asked. I had fixed lunch with Ade, a guy I met at a book reading yesterday and we had struck an interesting conversation. I had enjoyed talking to him so much that I didn't know when I agreed to a lunch date. I had been flattered by his attention towards me. It was definitely a first seeing a guy lean into me and looking deep into my eyes like I was the only thing that mattered  in the world.Claire was the one who got the most attention from guys with her caramel skin, brown eyes and lovely curves.

"Goddamit! I forgot", Claire looked at me, "Forgot? You cant be serious, meanwhile why are you all dressed like that? she asked

"I have a date with some guy I met yesterday" Claire burst out laughing. 

"You? Date? Guy?" she asked her eyes mocking me

"Yeah" I smiled shyly, "he’ll be here any minute from now". I was obviously giddy with excitement

Claire eyed me surreptitiously, "and is this what you plan to wear for your date?" I was wearing the long satin bridesmaids dress I had worn at my sister's wedding. 

"What's wrong with what I’m wearing?"

"Everything, Yetunde... everything. 1 it's not dinner, 2 you are too young to be wearing that, 3 you look drab, 4 its damn plain. Please put on a cute tee and tight jeans it's just lunch for Christ’s sake and don’t go looking holier than Sister Maria".

I looked down at my dress. This was the best thing I could pick out and I thought it was cute. But Claire obviously knows better. She was so beautiful, fly and had no problem getting male admirers. I watched as Claire scurried to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of jeans. 

"No, no, no Claire not that jeans it's too tight and rides a little low". My sister had gotten me the jeans  last year and it had just been lying in my wardrobe.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wedding Cake of the day: Princess Charles and Lady Diana

We shed tiers of joy at the sight of this cake...

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cake  

Our wedding cake of the day is Prince Charles and Diana's wedding cake.

At their July 29, 1981 wedding Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles chose a 5-tiered wedding cake. The cake had a whiff of modernity, with its architectural, temple-esque facets and spare, columnar supports. But all the geometry is somewhat mitigated by its crown - a bit old thicket of regal blooms.

Topping out at more than 5 feet high, the cake was adorned with both the Prince and his family's royal coat of arms, the couple's first initials and a spray of roses, lilies of the valley and orchids.

The cake was prepared by chef David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School.

FYI - A slice of the top tier later sold at an auction in 2008 for $1,830. Oops!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

BBA Host and Rhythm Fm OAP, IK Osakioduwa dishes out tips on getting a man

Seems like IK is on his way to becoming Nigeria's Steve Harvey but instead of  Steve Harvey's "Act Like a lady, Think like a Man" we are getting IK's version #IksTipsToGettingAMan

IK has been warming our hearts all morning via twitter with his tweet lessons. You know how much we love weddings at Cakes by MizVuitton Blog... how then can we celebrate weddings if people aren't hooking up?

Continue to see IK's advice on how to get a man, some we can totally relate with and some are downright hilarious

WED Magazine is ONE

Your Number 1 wedding magazine, WED Magazine is ONE and they are celebrating their anniversary with a 365 page Mega issue complete with amazing photos and great content. The WED magazine team describes this edition as a Collectors Edition that you don't want to miss.

The issue is available in some bridal stores, bookshops and supermarkets. Ask your Vendor for a copy today.

For inquiries please call 070011111933

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Photo-op: Gay Marriage

Wedding photo of Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni
Nixon's dress is by Caroline Herrera

Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon (remember Miranda from SATC?) and her partner, Christine Marinoni got married in New York on May 27th 2012.

The two who have been dating since 2004 got engaged in 2009 but had to wait till it was legal for gays to be married in New York before tying the knot.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get married in secret ceremony

Blake Lively, 25 and Ryan Reynolds, 35 tied the knot last weekend. Yay!

The "Green Lantern" co-stars got hitched Sunday Night at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant S.C in a secret ceremony.

Congrats to the couple!

Laide & Eloho: Love made in Heaven

Laide and Eloho Okiomah's traditional wedding took place on Saturday 8th September 2012. It was an emotional laden ceremony witnessed by close family and friends. From the prayers said to the tears shed, the emotions, and outpouring of love was too palpable. The bride and groom looked respledent in ivory and magenta aso-oke before changing into Isoko attire of gold and turquoise. Splashes of deep purple dotted the entire wedding venue.

The beautiful blend of two different cultures, Yoruba and Isoko made this ceremony very special, the Yoruba with their aso-oke and the Isoko with their two wrapper and walking stick. The alaga iduro, Yoruba for the Host/MC/Compere handled the event with such grace and did a good job fusing both cultures.

Eloho proposed to Laide on Valentine's Day, 14th of February 2012 . According to Laide, he had taken her for a drink on the evening of Valentine's day and somehow arranged with the waiters to slip the engagement ring in the drink. As she downed the drink she noticed there was something at the bottom of the glass and when she found out it was a ring, Eloho went down on one knee and popped the question. The rest, of course is history.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mother - Son wedding dance

We have been blown away by the hype that is the father- daughter wedding dance. While this is a beautiful emotional moment and definitely a highlight for any bride at her wedding, we have almost forgotten or maybe become selfish about the grooms emotional needs (yeah I said that).

There is a deep, oft time deeper connection between a son and his mother. Sons have a glowing admiration for their moms and it is often harder to express it unlike us girls. Thus, a wedding is a perfect time for a groom to express his love for mama and be thankful for all the years of making mama cry and all those years that mama never gave up on him.  What better way to show this than with  a Mother - Son dance at his wedding.

I copped this video from YouTube. Very touching and cute. The groom and his mum rocked to the Boyz II Men ballad, A Song for Mama. He even grabbed his mama's butt... and funnily enough it wasn't gross. Definitely a "hanky" moment. Please enjoy

Below also are my top 10 Mother - Son Wedding songs

  • A Song for Mama - Boyz II Men
  • I knew I loved you - Savage Garden
  • You raise me up - Josh Groban
  • You had me from hello - Kenny Chesney
  • Wind beneath my wings - Bette Milder
  • I'm your Angel - R.kelly and Celine Dion
  • Dear Mama - Tupac
  • You are my sunshine - Remember that nursery rhyme, lol
  • Because you loved me - Celine Dion
  • Have I told you lately that I love you - Rod Stewart

And my all time favourite, Sweet Mother by Nigerian/ Cameroonian high-life singer, Prince Nico Mbarga.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Cocktail Bar

Isn't it just amazing how the Cocktail Bar can add such beauty to your wedding. The Cocktail Bar otherwise known as the Cocktail stand is a beautiful inexpensive way to add such beauty to your wedding party and to relieve costs. Cocktails are tasty colorful drinks that can also be used as part of a wedding theme. A cocktail bar can incorporate your wedding colors and voila your reception space is transformed.

An over the top mobile cocktail bar

A Cocktail Bar is a fun and great way to personalize your wedding

Couples can add a personalized touch to their wedding with the cocktail bar. They can incorporate their favorite drinks, add mementos or pictures to make the bar more festive. The wedding colors can be used to decorate the bar. Also floral arrangements can be placed at the bar.

If it is a small wedding party, you can have a serve yourself cocktail where friends and family can pour themselves their drink. Note that already mixed drinks should have been poured beforehand in a dispenser to enable guest pour themselves drinks without any hassle.

Cocktails include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails/ mock tails.

To have our cocktail bar at your wedding or event, please contact us at

Photos from Teju baby face and Tobi Banjoko's wedding

The wedding held at Chapel of Christ the Light Church Alausa and reception was at the Muson Center Onikan. The wedding was officiated by Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center

Grooms suit - Taryor Gabriel's bespoke suit

Bride's Wedding gown - Mai Atafo

Officiating minister - Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Wedding Planner/Co-ordinator - Zapphaire Events

MC - Ali Baba

Reception Venue - The Muson Center

P.S: Please forgive me if this post comes out looking clumsy. My first time blogging from an iPad